Why use a mobile grooming service?

First and foremost, it provides a stress free environment with 1 to 1 attention for your dog.  No waiting around in a cage and no issues if your dog is in season. It is extremely convenient for yourself as I can fit in with your schedule, bringing the salon to your door and so also saving you time and money travelling to and from the salon.

How often should my dog be groomed?

This will vary between breeds but around every 6-8 weeks is a good guide. This is for a full groom. Tidy up grooms or bath and brush out visits can be made on a more regular basis to keep on top of your dog looking and feeling gorgeous.   We can work out a grooming schedule that will suit your dog’s individual needs.

When should I start to have my puppy groomed?

It is good to get your puppy used to the grooming environment and process so as soon they have received all their vaccinations we can start visits with your puppy. See our grooming puppy packages.

How often do you disinfect your equipment?

After every groom.

What makes Paws n Puddles ‘no mess no stress’?

No stress for your dog means:

  • no stressful/anxious car journey to and from the salon
  • your dog stays within their familiar environment
  • they are the only dog in the van giving them 1 to 1 attention at all times
  • no distractions by other dogs
  • your dog is not left in a cage awaiting ‘their turn’
  • your dog is home as soon as their pamper is finished

No stress and no mess for you means:

  • You don’t have a double journey to and from the salon
  • You don’t need to find a parking space near the salon
  • We can fit around your schedule which includes evenings and weekends
  • No mess left in your home.  The groom is undertaken within the salon right outside your door. Your dog is returned to you clean and smelling delightful.

What if my dog has fleas?

Please advise me that you will be unable to keep your scheduled appointment (24 hours notice please) and take your dog to the vet for treatment.  I will look forward to seeing your dog once treatment is completed.

Can I come and see inside your van?

Without a doubt. You are very welcome to come in and see the van’s facilities.

What should I do if I can’t keep my scheduled appointment?

Please contact me as soon as possible and we can reschedule at your convenience.  I would ask that 24 hours be given to cancel an appointment as I will require to make a £15 charge for missed appointments without this notice.